List of Europass Certificate Supplements

Czech English German French
28-41-M/01 Cellulose and Paper Technologies (full-time study)
28-42-L/01 Chemist Operator (full-time study)
28-42-L/012 Chemist-operator – Industrial Chemistry (full-time study)
28-42-L/501 Operating Chemistry (full-time study)
28-42-L/51 Chemist Operator (full-time study)
28-42-L/51 Chemist Operator (distance study)
28-44-M/001 Applied Chemistry (full-time study)
28-44-M/002 Applied Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry (full-time study)
28-44-M/003 Applied Chemistry – Chemical Technology (full-time study)
28-44-M/003 Applied Chemistry – Chemical Technology (distance study)
28-44-M/004 Applied Chemistry – Pharmaceutical Substances (full-time study)
28-44-M/005 Applied Chemistry – Environment Protection (full-time study)
28-44-M/006 Applied Chemistry – Computer Technician in Chemistry (full-time study)
28-44-M/007 Applied Chemistry – Business Management (full-time study)
28-44-M/01 Applied Chemistry (full-time study)
28-44-M/01 Applied Chemistry (distance study, shortened)
28-45-L/501 Glass Industry (full-time study)
28-45-L/501 Glass Industry (distance study)
28-45-L/51 Glass and Ceramics Industry (full-time study)
28-46-M/01 Silicate Technologies (full-time study)

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