The Europass Certificate Supplement in the Czech Republic
  • The ECS is an additional document showing the secondary education (certificate of the final exam, apprenticeship certificate, maturita certificate)
  • The ECS is related to the achieved qualification – it is equal for all the graduates with identical field of study
  • Unlike the school grades, the ECS describes the obtained general and VET competences and the possible job opportunities in words
  • For better understanding of the education, the ECS gives the achieved level of qualification pursuant to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the ISCED international classification
The document is particularly useful as it helps to:
  • better understand the content and level of person´s qualification (EQF level and ISCED level)
  • increase transparency of qualifications and competences in Europe
  • formally recognize the qualification in Europe

Where to get one?
In the Czech Republic, the Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by the secondary schools to graduates together with the final certificate. More then a half of secondary schools is participating (ca. 580 schools).
The National Europass Center Czech Republic can issue the certificate supplement also directly upon receiving the online application.

National Europass Centre Czech Republic
is part of the National Institute for Education (NÚV), the national curriculum authority. The National Europass Center CZ is fully in charge of the preparation of the E-CS content in cooperation with VET experts. 
Preview of Europass Certificate Supplements