List of Europass Certificate Supplements

Czech English German French
82-51-H/09 Art Engraver (combined study)
82-51-L/01 Arts and Crafts Metal Processing (full-time study)
82-51-L/02 Art Craft Wood Processing (full-time study)
82-51-L/02 Art Craft Wood Processing (evening classes)
82-51-L/03 Art Craft Textile Processing (full-time study)
82-51-L/04 Artistic Craft Working of Stone and Ceramics (full-time study)
82-51-L/05 Art Craft Glass Processing (full-time study)
82-51-L/06 Art Craft Construction of Musical Instruments specialization: stringed instruments (full-time study)
82-51-L/51 Art and Craft Works (full-time study)

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