It is the National Institute for Education, an education counselling centre and a centre for further teacher training, based in Prague, Weilova 1271/6, post code: 102 00, which is the provider of the Europass database – an appendix to qualification certificates. The database was made within the National Centre Europass CZ project which was funded by the European Commission and from the state budget of the Czech Republic. Therefore, its output is freely available and can also be used free of charge under certain terms.

It is not allowed to copy the information for commercial purposes thereof; to copy the logo’s for any purpose without prior approval; to copy any part of the database for commercial use or to copy any parts of the database systematically or repeatedly.

Acquiring the information from the database and the use thereof for one’s own commercial purposes without prior approval (licence) of the maker is considered an interference with specific rights of the database maker.

The database provider can send a questionnaire to the database users (schools and individual applicants) to obtain feedback related to the users’ experience with working in the database and using Europass – an appendix to qualification certificates.