List of Europass Certificate Supplements

Czech English German French
82-41-M/038 Creative Processing of Ceramics and Porcelain - Oven Building (full-time study)
82-41-M/04 Industrial Design (full-time study)
82-41-M/04 Industrial Design (evening classes)
82-41-M/040 Artistic Glass Treatment - Glass Cutting and Cut Glass Decorating (full-time study)
82-41-M/041 Artistic Glass design - Metallurgical Glass Forming (full-time study)
82-41-M/042 Artistic Glass Design - Glass Forming, Painting and Etching (full-time study)
82-41-M/043 Creative Glass Processing - Glass Engraving (full-time study)
82-41-M/047 Textile Arts - Weaving (full-time study)
82-41-M/049 Textile Arts - Processing Craft Textiles by Hand (full-time study)
82-41-M/05 Graphic design (full-time study)
82-41-M/05 Graphic design (evening classes)
82-41-M/051 Textile Arts - Lace and Embroidery Creation (full-time study)
82-41-M/053 Textile design - creation of decorations from textile and natural materials (full-time study)
82-41-M/058 Stone Sculpturing - Stone Sculpture Creation (full-time study)
82-41-M/06 Artistic Processing of Metals and Precious Stones (full-time study)
82-41-M/07 Clothes Design (full-time study)
82-41-M/07 Clothes Design (evening classes)
82-41-M/08 Toys and Playing Objects Production (full-time study)
82-41-M/09 Patternmaking and Design of Footwear and Fashion Accessories (full-time study)
82-41-M/10 Wood Carving (full-time study)