List of Europass Certificate Supplements

Czech English German French
41-46-M/01 Forestry (full-time study)
41-46-M/01 Forestry (evening classes)
41-51-E/006 Farm Work (full-time study)
41-51-E/01 Agricultural Work (full-time study)
41-51-E/501 Agricultural Production (full-time study)
41-51-H/007 Farmer, Housekeeper (full-time study)
41-51-H/008 Landscape Gardener (full-time study)
41-51-H/01 Farmer (full-time study)
41-51-H/011 Farmer (full-time study)
41-51-H/013 Beekeeper (distance study)
41-51-H/02 Beekeeper (distance study)
41-51-H/02 Beekeeper (full-time study)
41-52-E/008 Floricultural Work – Floricultural and Arranging Work (full-time study)
41-52-E/01 Garden Work (full-time study)
41-52-E/011 Garden Work (full-time study)
41-52-E/02 Horticultural Production (full-time study)
41-52-H/001 Gardener (full-time study)
41-52-H/01 Gardener (full-time study)
41-53-H/002 Fisherman (full-time study)
41-53-H/008 Jockey and Race Horse Attendant (distance study)