List of Europass Certificate Supplements

Czech English German French
36-65-H/01 Water Operator (full-time study)
36-66-H/001 Plasterboard Builder (full-time study)
36-66-H/01 Fitter of dry constructions (full-time study)
36-66-H/01 Fitter of dry constructions (full-time study, shortened)
36-67-E/001 Briclaying Work (full-time study)
36-67-E/002 Building Work (full-time study)
36-67-E/003 Building Manufacture (full-time study)
36-67-E/01 Masonry Work (full-time study)
36-67-E/02 Constrution Works (full-time study)
36-67-E/503 Building Manufacture (full-time study)
36-67-H/001 Bricklayer (distance study)
36-67-H/001 Bricklayer (full-time study)
36-67-H/003 Stove-fitter (full-time study)
36-67-H/004 Floor and Wall Tiler (full-time study)
36-67-H/01 Mason (full-time study)
36-67-H/01 Mason (full-time study, shortened)
36-67-H/02 Stove builder (full-time study)
36-69-E/001 Roofing Work (full-time study)
36-69-E/01 Roofing Work (full-time study)
36-69-H/001 Roofer (full-time study)