List of Europass Certificate Supplements

Czech English German French
36-56-H/01 Chimney-Sweeper (full-time study, shortened)
36-57-E/005 House Painting, Varnishing and Painting Work – House Painting and Varnishing Work (full-time study)
36-57-E/01 Painting and Varnishing Work (full-time study)
36-57-E/508 Painting and Decorating Work (full-time study)
36-57-H/001 Painter (full-time study)
36-58-H/01 Fitter of Water and Sewer and Service of Water Supply Facilities (full-time study)
36-59-E/001 Floor Making (full-time study)
36-59-E/01 Floor Laying Work (full-time study)
36-59-H/001 Floorer (full-time study)
36-59-H/01 Floorer (full-time study)
36-59-H/01 Floorer (full-time study, shortened)
36-62-E/01 Glasswork (full-time study)
36-62-H/001 Glazier (full-time study)
36-62-H/01 Glazier (full-time study)
36-63-H/01 Stucco worker (full-time study)
36-64-E/002 Carpentry and Joinery (full-time study)
36-64-E/01 Carpentry Works (full-time study)
36-64-H/001 Carpenter (full-time study)
36-64-H/01 Carpenter (full-time study)
36-64-H/01 Carpenter (full-time study, shortened)