List of Europass Certificate Supplements

Czech English German French
33-56-E/004 Carpentry and Joinery work – Joinery Work in the Construction Industry (full-time study)
33-56-E/01 Carpentry and Upholstery Production (full-time study)
33-56-H/001 Joiner (full-time study)
33-56-H/002 Joiner – Furniture Production (full-time study)
33-56-H/003 Joiner – Wooden Structures (full-time study)
33-56-H/01 Joiner (distance study, shortened)
33-56-H/01 Joiner (full-time study)
33-56-H/01 Joiner (full-time study, shortened)
33-57-E/01 Wood Production (full-time study)
33-58-E/01 Natural Fibres Processor (full-time study)
33-59-E/001 Upholstery Work (full-time study)
33-59-H/01 Upholsterer (full-time study)
33-59-H/01 Upholsterer (full-time study, shortened)
34-41-L/501 Polygraphic Industry (distance study)
34-41-L/51 Polygraphic Industry (full-time study)
34-41-M/001 Printing (full-time study)
34-41-M/01 Printing (full-time study)
34-42-M/001 Packaging Technician (full-time study)
34-42-M/01 Packaging Technician (full-time study)
34-52-H/001 Printer on Polygraphic Machines (full-time study)